This pharmacy takes advantage of the time sensitive needs of patients to carry on a bait and switch scheme. They require a credit card before processing your order and quote much lower prices then what they actually charge you after the order is processed. Charged me...
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Short Review on July 21, 2016

Horrible, every problem one could think of I've experienced. Bad customer service, staff not knowledgeable.
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i have ordered 2 times from and received the goods 14 days later. the third time 20 days went by and no product! i emailed and they sent an email saying its back ordered and i could have a refund if i did not want to wait, so i requsted the refund...
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i ordered medication from freedom-pharmacy on aug 1,2008. they took my money and never sent the medication. They won't answer my emails. do not order from them ,they are thieves. they scammed me for 150.00. they gave me a four digit receipt number and says it...
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tewkewl is what i will comment on. i have never had a bad experience with them. they get me drugs that i cannot get in the US anymore because of an over protect...


Which Freedom Pharmacy??? There must be over a dozen in the US - and none of them are related to the others.

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I, too, was scammed by Freedom Phamacy. I did not receive my order after 28 days. I emailed them and they said they sent it and it will arrive. I wrote them again to let them know I still did not receive the order and they never wrote me back. Buyers beware, and let...
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Is this the same as Freedom-Pharmacy? Notice the hyphen.I have ordered from them for 5 years and have had no problems. Usually get the order in two weeks, sometimes a little ...


I have orderd twice with Freedom Pharmacy,and both times I got my order in a timely manner.I am very pleased with this company. ;)

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I tried to place an order with & was told on 2 seperate occasions that my c.c. was declined. MY C.C. Company informed me today that they charged my account & got my $$$ anyway. :( Presently I am working on getting the refund issued one way...
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i ordered from the u.s. about 45 days ago and got a return e-mail that was prompt and professional...yet still no product and now won;t respond to my requests. out 30 dollars for meds that cost me 300 at walgreens. i had to give it a shot. i researched the internet for...
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i ordered stuff from them recieved it and then reversed payment on my credit card an robbed them . just stop pmt via your credit card.

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